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Lab life

Our lab is committed to creating a fair, supportive and stimulating environment all scientists regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, faith, sexual orientation and gender identity. We follow a strict zero tolerance policy for bullying.

Below are some samples of our #lablife, we hope you join us!

Nanog GFP_20X _1_merged_edited_edited.jpg

lab fun and events

Fun stuff we do when we are not pipetting.

Click to see some examples!

raman liver_edited.jpg

scientific outreach

We love taking our science outside the lab and bringing it closer to society! 

Click here to learn about past and future outreach events

conferences and meetings

Check out the conferences and meetings that our lab members are attending.

Come say "hi" if you are there too!


fundraising activities

Check regularly to learn about causes we care deeply  about, and active fundraising activities that we are organizing to address them. Consider contributing, we appreciate your help! ❤️

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