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Nanomedicines are developed by encapsulation, adsorption or chemical conjugation of therapeutic cargoes (small drugs, biologicals) in or onto nanoscale delivery vectors. Nanoformulations can improve the biodistribution of the active principle, protect it from degradation and, in some cases, even offer additional functionalities such as stimulli-responsiveness or imaging capabilities. Some nanomedicines widely used in the clinic are Doxil® (liposomal doxorrubicine for the treatment of certain cancers) and the most recent lipid nanoparticle formulations in Onpanttro® (siRNA delivery) and the vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 from Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech (mRNA delivery).


Our lab works on the formulation, characterization and preclinical testing of nanomedicines for cell reprogramming and immuno-engineering applications. 

Key Publications in this area

Irene de Lázaro, David J Mooney*

Nature Materials (2021) 20 (11): 1469-1479

Irene de Lázaro, Paul Sharp, Cansu Gurcan, Ahmet Ceylan, Maria Stylianou, Thomas Kisby, Yingxian Chen, Sandra Vranic, Katharine Barr, Hadiseh Taheri, Asuman Ozen, Cyrill Bussy, Acelya Yilmazer, Kostas Kostarelos*

Advanced Therapeutics (2021), 4 (1): 2000109

Irene de Lázaro, David J Mooney*

Nature Materials (2020), 19 (5): 486-487

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